Friday, 16 July 2010

What I did today...

Salaams, Down at Greenwich market today I had a lovely young customer who wanted a specific design below. I think I might be going to Camden market next Friday inshallah, to see if its any better...

She even came back half an hour later to get it redone because she had smudged it and was soo upset. I did a few other designs, but most customers wanted really small designs, little hearts and stuff, not really worth photographing...

I also sold a view canvases:

One of my favs is gone =( lol, I'm glad to have sold it..

My friend was convinced this wouldn't sell lol, supportive?

I love this one, its gone far far away, I think the customer was American, although I can't remember lol, such a hazy day.

This is on a small 5x5inch canvas, and I've already been asked to adapt the design to a 12x12inch canvas, which is quite big lol, should be fun.
Anyway, hope you like them x


  1. salam alaykum, i just came across your blog via and i really like your work, how much do you charge for bridal henna (arabic patterns) arms up to the elbow, and feet up to the knee... we are located in the west midlands.

    my email

  2. masha'Allah sis.. your work is amazing especially the canvas stuff.. have you thought about setting up your own website?